Why does the world need another brand agency?

Agencies are like pants. There are plenty of perfectly good ones out there to choose from. And, yet, just when you think you’ve found your favorite, you discover a new pair that just feels and fits a little better. We don’t strive to be the most unique pants in the world – just your favorite. We trust that you won’t let us down, either. You know, ‘cuz your pants would be down and, well, HR.

Are you full-service or specialists?

Correct. We specialize in full-service Advertising, Strategy, Brand Development, and Interactive Design across categories we know and love. Next question. No, really. See next question.

Do you have experience in Automotive, Spirits/Beverage, Fashion/Apparel/Footwear, Cybersecurity, Home Improvement, Food Commodities, Financial Services, Social Impact/NGOs, Technology, Video Games, Entertainment Networks, Sports, and Telecom?

Our magic 8-ball says, “All signs point to yes”.

How do we know you’re not just a bunch of creative types? Or worse, uncreative types?

We’d be happy to send you the results of our lie detector test from 2013, the year DIKO was founded. Or, you could take our word for it when we say our creative approach always starts with strategy. It’s a package deal.

What other brands have risked their reputations hiring you?

We’ve spent decades developing hundreds of brands but these are the more notable ones that DIKO can take full credit for. No egos were harmed in the process.

Do you have any case studies that don’t stretch the truth like some agencies do?

We do. Quite a few, in fact. We’d be happy to send you a pdf of the most relevant ones. Please send your full bank account deets to info@diko.co.

Forget about all the business problems you’ve solved. What about the shiny metal objects you’ve won?

We admit that these logos aren’t very shiny but the hardware they give out is pretty nice when we care enough to enter award shows.

Great. But what have you done lately?

We thought you’d never ask. You can sign up for Unsubscribable, our very occasional not-a-newsletter. Or follow us at @diko on Instagram.

Sounds kinda expensive. How much will this brand partnership cost us?

Depends™. We recommend wearing a pair before we tell you. You might be surprised just how far your billion-dollar budgets will go.

Oh, btw, which junior employees will replace your agency’s principals after we give you our business?

We’re far too controlling to ever let juniors take over the asylum. You’re stuck with the varsity squad. Sorry, not sorry.